Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting a little Antsy!!

I am feeling a little antsy for this baby to get here. I want to do so many things but I physically can't. It is pretty much impossible for my to actually pick something off the floor. Which means I am not a nice mom to the kids because I am constantly asking them to pick things up for me. It doesn't help that Klara has been obsessed with all things small and many of them. She loves to play with them or put them into purses and dump them out. I am sorry but I am not a fan of this. I try to be understanding but it really drives me bonkers when there are Klara piles all over the house. The need to clean is getting really strong. Not only for baby but for family coming into town. I am so thankful that they are able to come and help out while I try to recover quickly. I am a bit nervous about the recovery. I know it will pass but the pain just seems so intense for so long to me. My nerves are getting to me so I should probably just clean and not think about it.

This was taken on Monday. I am 38 weeks and so ready. Again no head shots, don't worry it is me and you are not missing anything. It was also taken after 9pm because we had to fix a bookcase that was a little to wobbly with cookbooks. You know me and those cookbooks, I love them. Mike wanted to toss a few and of course I declined. We fixed it as best we could and then I thought why not take a picture of my belly. If you were wondering about the bright blue is Mike's and it FITS. It is a Florida Gator shirt too by the way.

Mike's mom and I went shopping at some quilt stores in St. George and found these really cute burp rags and blankets. They had already been stitched on the edges so all I needed to do was crochet the edges. Well we went a little overboard I think. I love them all but it was very time consuming and fun at the same time.

I ended up with two of these by chance. So adorable!!

I fell in love with the whales first. Just couldn't pass it up!!

This one is so cute too. It says "I am a child of God" in all sorts of different languages. Love it!!!

I am so ready for him to get here so I can see him and hold him!!! It will be soon. 3 more days!!!! Monday is the day!!


Jill said...

Those burp cloths are so cute! Hope these last few miserable days of pregnancy go by quickly for you! And someday we will have to talk c-sections, particularly how much recovery BITES... I am so done with it, but still have many weeks of pain, I'm afraid. I hope yours goes well and you can bounce right back!

Todd and Rikki Smith said...

What store in st george? Those are so cute!! And i must say I LOVE the name you chose!!!!!

Jenn said...

I know that feeling:) So excited to see your newest little one:) Love the pic of all the cousins-all the kids have gotten SO BIG:)


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